Software Support

The OPplus software is exclusively distributed by Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners who receive a share of the license fee and maintenance contracts. The agreement between gbedv and its partners is that end user support is provided by the partners. gbedv supports its partner in terms of product setup and meeting customer requests that can not be handled by the gbedv partners.

Partner Support

Our OPplus partner support is mainly provided through our office in Kiel. The following experts are available to help you with any request:
Ms. Britta Siebken,
Ms. Silke Kießhauer,
Mr. Stephan Köbsch,
Mr. Hauke Schröder,
and Ms. Anja Ahlfeld.
You can contact our support team by Phone:
+49 431 66 72 82 – 0
Fax: +49 4791 96 525 – 20
Office hours: Mo – Fri, 08.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Questions to the support team will be answerd within 1-2 business days.

Online Resources for Partners



How to Become a Continia Partner

OPplus partners enter into a contract with Continia. For more information, please contact

Statement of Direction

According to Microsoft guidelines, we are committed to providing support, at a minimum, for the same ERP solutions and versions supported by Microsoft. This means that we focus on the ongoing developments of our add-on solutions and that we start the upgrade process to the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central version once the latest release is available to us. Details can be found in our document Further Development and Maintenance.

Support Lifecycle

In the event that gbedv decides to discontinue further development of OPplus or one of its modules, we are required by the terms of our maintenance contracts to provide product maintenance and support until all maintenance contracts have expired.