Petty Cash & Check Deposit

The free Manual Petty Cash & Check Deposit App is divided into the Petty Cash and Check Deposit areas:

Petty Cash

The Petty Cash functionality offers the new general journal template PettyCash as well as the petty cash G/L register.

Cach Report
The petty cash Journal layout corresponds to the structure of usual petty cashs in the Zweckform format.

This function enables the user to maintain the petty cash directly in OPplus 365 and to print any required reports by using the system. In comparison to the journal of the standard application, the Petty cash allows the user to get a quick overview of the current balance of the cash account as well as of the balance after posting. In addition, a plausibility check is offered by this module to ensure that no negative cash values exist.

Check Deposit

The Cash Receipt Journal functionality is intended for use by companies which submit any check payments at the bank received for the settlement of sales invoices.

Banks normally expect that the check receipts are filled in – a process which in practice is done manually. The checks (or the check credits) are later on manually assigned to the sales invoices in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. By using the Check Receipt Journal feature, you can avoid double entries without being limited to a specific number of checks for each check receipt Journal.

Check Transfer Protocol
This printout (created within OPplus) is accepted by most banks

You can enter checks directly in the system, already assign the application to open entries, print the check receipt report and post the created lines.

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