More Modules

G/L Accounts Open Entries

As with customer and vendor accounts, you can create open entries for G/L accounts. This facilitates very much the handling of for instance cash in transit, accruals and deferrals or any other items in transit.
Your benefits:

  • Detailed G/L entries that can be viewed and analyzed at cut-off dates resp. reporting dates
  • Same reconciliation functions as for accounts payables and accounts receivables
  • Clear overview of the G/L accounts including optional breakdown on the open entries
  • Automatic reconciliation on batch processing basis
  • Printing of Open entry lists including export to Excel

Extended Lists and Reports

Take advantage of the optimized display of entries per G/L account, per customer or vendor accounts on screen and in print.
Your benefits:

  • Comments can be freely added to any entry and be printed if required on the account sheets, the open item list or simply stand alone.
  • Change the posting text or the external document number after posting and as needed.
  • Create balance confirmations including return letters for accounts payables and accounts receivables and send them by e-mail.

Print detailed and well arranged reports, such as:

  • Account sheets with hatching and optional export to Excel
  • Open item lists with optional export to Excel, showing and analyzing the accounts in respect to actuals and to freely selectable cut off dates
  • Payment behavior reports for accounts payables and accounts receivables


In combination with the Payment Import and Export modules Associations can be a very useful additional feature of OPplus. Associations manages your open entries in associations of accounts receivables and accounts payables.
Your benefits:

  • You have the possibility to have payments settled through central regulators. You can combine several customers to an association and have all open entries for these associated customers settled by a single customer who pays all invoices related to the association.
  • With Associations you can furthermore group customers and vendors. A group always consist of one customer and one vendor for who open items can be settled automatically in the course of Payment Processing.

Trial Balance and VAT DACH
Only available in DACH Region

This module (formerly known as Extended Analysis) is now available as a separate extension for DACH in German and English.

Trial Balance and VAT DACH covers some gaps of the standard application and offers a bunch of enhancements for more advanced reportings based on the Account Schedules of the standard application. Your benefits:

  • Direct assignment of Account Schedules and their lines to the G/L Account
  • Account schedules based on G/L account groups
  • Representation of tipping accounts in balance sheets, accounts payables with debit balances and accounts receivables with credit balances
  • Account proof for the totaling lines of the account schedules
  • Different plausibility checks
  • Variables in the column layout

The said functions are available with the OPplus 365 Trial Balance and VAT DACH App only, which has to be installed separately.

More features:

  • The Total Balance lists for G/L accounts, customers and vendors are adapted to the DATEV layout.
  • You have the possibility to setup VAT statements for tax groups and you can reconcile VAT statements with a VAT ledger based proof of accounts.
  • With this module you can ensure that the input tax deduction is not made until the document receipt date of the invoice.
  • You can post input tax on a sales document and sales tax on purchase document, for example for deposit paybacks.

Payment by installments

If you want to arrange Payment installments with your suppliers or customers you can use the option of generating installment payment documents with different due dates.
Your benefits:

  • Freely definable installment templates
  • Automatic installment processing in the event of posting the original documents
  • Generation of installment documents after posting on the ledger entry

Extended Asset Accounting

With our module Extended Asset Accounting you have many features at hand, that are either very difficult to handle or not possible at all in the standard application.
Your benefits:

  • If you pay a purchase invoice for an asset with a cash discount deduction, the acquisition costs will be automatically reduced in the asset accounting too.
  • The setup of new assets can be done much easier and quicker with the use of freely definable templates.
  • You can now post quantities on fixed assets, which simplifies partial asset disposal postings a lot.
  • Scrapping and sales can be maintained separately and posted on different individual G/L accounts.
  • Reporting for asset disposals and asset acquisitions, asset history sheets and an asset inventories has been substantially amended.

Multi-level cash discount

Our module multi-level cash discount gives you the possibility to consign up to 4 additional discount formulas and discount percentages. These additional cash discount deduction rules are taken account of in the payment import and payment export modules.